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Jobs may be rewarding but it is always good to start own business. Having a business has extraordinary pay as well as appreciate working something that is your own. Entrepreneurship is no doubt riskier than a job and requires more sacrifice but the benefits which come after some period of time are significantly better than a job.

There are many types of business to start. It totally depends on the person and his liking and ability to business. None of the kinds of business to begin mentioned in this article have to be done full time unless of course, the interest of the reader is to do so. Many of the businesses can be done by keeping your job and pursuing it as a side business.

Investment is a basic aspects of any business on that is why it is crucial to have good financial support before you jump into any business. Which is the reason you can begin any of the mentioned businesses  while keeping your job have a good financial backup and then jump full time into it.

Following are a few types of businesses to start:

1. Blogging


Blogging is considered as a study in the viable source of income how many logos are created profitable content on topics as very good at home, cooking, travel, scrapbooking, business, film, personal, finance and many more. And it is likewise not an acceleration when it is said that bloggers are growing their business in six-figure income thanks to affiliate marketing, email subscribers, sponsorships provided on the blogs and other multiple revenue generation streams.

It is very financially savvy to begin a blog and rewarding if the substance is great and the material picks up and is appreciated by the readers and subscribers. You only need to start a blog by mastering few technicalities and then understanding what is the need in the market and learning how to attract those people to your blog.

There are numerous websites available for free of cost very can learn how to build a blog. Deep diving into blogging involves earning SEO tools, Google adwords, adsense, social media marketing and other tools from digital marketing. A combination of these tools would make a blog extremely successful and very profitable. Blogging is one a the most lucrative types of business to start in 2019.

2. Write eBooks

If you have authority in great English and know that you can use the skills to make download able eBooks which deliver value for the people aspiring to learn a new skills and for them who want to advance the career or the ones want to start their own business. Flight targeting is very very essential for good eBook downloads.

The key ideas and preparing an eBook are to know your skill and write it down properly in a presentable format for other people to understand. Usually, people break Its down to smaller points so that people can understand one at a time. Another great ideas would be to split the entire set into multiple books and get more downloads ergo more income.

To start with, motivational books have a lot of demand in the market along with business books. Likewise you can write about travelogues and share your travel experiences along with pictures which makes a great eBook for other fellow travelers. Along with an eBooks, you can also build a personal brand as a writer and earn decent money. Books are on the way out and ebook are in – probably the reason why they are one of he best businesses to start in 2019.

3. SocialMedia marketing

If you are a person who is social media savvy and has a great follower list on social media, then this could be quickly monetized by partnering with a major brand and their companies and other reserved businesses for their products or services. You can share the product and services and make good money which could be your lucrative side business. All you need for this is a little marketing skill and good social media presence. The best to be profitable of being a social media marketeer is that office can be taken anywhere with you and you are not confined to brick and wall type of business.

A good post with hundreds and thousands of followers can be charged anywhere between $500 to $2,000 which makes an excellent profitable side business. A little photography skills and good media presence can be leveraged as an Instagram marketeer.

4. Resume Writer

Resume Writer
Resume Writer

Getting a dream job can be very tough and this is very true if you are in the same position for a long time and your resume looking as it is dusty. Folk constantly require a professional resume writer to help them showcase their skills to the prospective employers. Before getting professional in writing you have to learn how to write a resume on your own and you can also practice this by writing a few resumes of people you know. Then you can joining an association of resume writers and establish your credibility. A long-term Business can be to develop career coaching opportunities in resume writing.

5. Web designing

Web designing
Web designing

Technology is a company used web designes without skill which is why freelancing in web designing has become one of the top business opted by entrepreneurs today. Web designing is about creating a beautiful experience which is better driven for people who are visiting a website or using an app.

A lot of websites are always in need of professional web designers which is very you can tap in the opportunity. Base books like HTML and CSS the famous Web designer Jon Duckett, will get you started quickly and determine whether being a professional Web designer is for you or not.

You can also move into online courses on Coursera and Udemy which will teach you everything about web designing. You can start as a despotic and earn a decent income then move on to the professional level. You can also take more courses and then deep with access to personal mentorship with platforms like linkedin learning or General Assembly and others to quicken your pace on this path. Everyone today needs a site which is why website designing is one of the top Businesses to start in 2019


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