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What Is Telegram? – Our topic today is What Is Telegram? How to Earn money from Telegram ? Today we will give you all the information related to telegram – telegram channel. So friends, at today’s time, every human being wants to earn money online through the internet and in today’s era – it is possible in the age of technology.

Today i can earn money in the area of mobile apps and internet sitting at home, some of them have fraud websites and apps, but a lot of geniuine websites and apps are also available on the market. Like Telegram, and you should use all the same geniune platforms and date and give your time.

Below is this article I’ve given you all the information about telegram and ways to make money from it that you can use to make money from the online internet, and if you don’t even know what Telegram is and how Telegram works, you’ll get every information about telegram after reading this article.

What is Telegram?

Telegram b is a well known messaging app just like WhatsApp which is a very known messaging app that nowadays market I’m running a lot and people are very much using it and they’re very fond of it feature of this app, this app is available on both Android & iOS platform, and s use the app to anyone using your contact list which you use to you messages Can easily share photos, videos and files of any type.

In addition, you can chat on telegram, make calls tomorrow, create unlimited member capacity bala group and its most special feature that no other app provides – secret chat feature can also use it.

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How to create Telegram Channel?

To make money from Telegram, you must first create a Telegram Channel, after which you can make money from Telegram using that channel. Follow the steps below to create a channel on Telegram.

Step 1: Download Telegram to playstore or app store se and install it.

Step 2: Open the Telegram App and click on start massaging.

Step 3: Your mobile no. And by using account and OTP verfication, you have now become your account and you are ready to create the telegram channel.

Step 4: Now you click on Slide Menu where you’ll see the new Channel option.

Step 5: After clicking on New Channel, there will be a new page open that lets you click the sign of the top – right corner ma() by entering the description of your Telegram Channel name aur channel.

Step 6: Now your Telegram Channel has been creat and you can now add your channel I (Subscribe) by sharing your channel’s sharing link with people.

How to earn money from Telegram? Complete money-making information from Telegram

Here we will tell you some common ways that people are making money by using and anyone can make money using these methods, if you don’t even grow the channel, you can also use these methods to make money from Telegram.

Sharing Credit Apps:- You can share (Promote) on your telegram channel to your telegram channel, such apps that earn on your telegram channel and give you credit bonus on gaming or any other type of apps which per referral, sharing, and the company of the app on every raferall download will give you money. Market I have available esse apps above such a lot of video, gaming and a lot of things which give money to their users of every refferal. E. Vigo Video, Rozdhan etc.

Link Shortner:- If your channel is of any content downloading type such as movies, songs, webseries, apk etc. And if you’re able to krte the content of such downloading type on your channel, you can generate the link to the link by using the link shortner platforms to generate the new link.

And whenever someone clicks through that link, it’ll show some Ads before that conent, and that Link Shortner website will give you its money, so you can earn a lot of money by shortening content links and through such ads.

Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate Marketing is the best and well known way to make money from the internet of today, in which you can create your affiliate account on any affiliate affiliate website and make any product prmote to the users of your telegram channel whenever someone purchases any product from your affiliate link, you will get affiliate comission using this method to generate a lot of affiliate comission. Be.

Paid channel Promotion:- If you have a lot of subscribers on your Telegram channel, you can make paid promotions of others’ telegram channel, pay charges krke from them, plus you can do youtube channels, blogs ‘s b paid promotion on your telegram channel.

Sponsorship Posts:- And there are quite good subscribers on your channel you give money to all apps companies somewhere to promote their apps and to sponsorship you on your channel to increase your downloads.

Telegram Channel Selling:- Telegram channel Selling can also earn you a lot of money, you have to make a Telegram channel and grow it, then you can sell it to someone else.



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