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How To Delete Phonepe Account

If you have created multiple accounts in Phonepe and you want to delete them then you are in the right place because in this blog you will be told how you can easily delete your PhonePe account.

Basically deleting the account is a very easy task, to delete it, you have to follow some simple steps, which we are going to know further, but before deleting the account, we know a little about phonepe.

What is phonepe

Phonepe is basically an Indian digital payment system through which you are able to make online payments along with other tasks like recharging mobile, paying bills, etc. To use it simply you have to attach your bank account and create a UPI ID.

Conditions Before Deleting Account

  1. Use phonepe wallet balance.

2. Remove your bank account from phonepe.

3. Remove your debit card/credit card.

How to remove bank account

Before deleting phonepe account, you have to unlink bank account, then first of all know how you can remove or unlink your bank account from phonepe

  • First of all you have to open phonepe in your mobile.
  • After that click on the option “my money”.
  • Click on “Bank Accounts” option.
  • Then click on the option of linked bank.
  • After that click on “unlink bank account”.
  • Your bank account will be successfully removed as you click on “unlink”.

How to delete phonepe account

  • Open your phonepe app.
  • Click on the question mark icon.
  • Click on “my account and the KYC” option.
  • Click on “my phonepe account details”.
  • Click on the “permanently delete my phonepe account” option.
  • Click on “I have another phonepe account” option Or if you want, you can choose another option as well.
  • After that click on “deactivate phonepe account”.
  • Then click on the option given below “yes, I wish…”
  • After this your account will be deleted within 48 hours.

How To delete phonepe transaction history.

Now many times it happens that you do not like to share the history of your phonepe with anyone, but many times our friends or someone else check the history of our phonepe wallet, then to solve this problem, you simply do phonepe transaction. You can delete the history.

To delete phonepe transaction history, simply you have to follow few steps.


The interface time of phonepe keeps on updating so that you can see the options at different places, but there is nothing to worry about, some of the starting options are the same every time, after that, you will get to see only a few changes, which you can change easily.

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