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How to Become a Flipkart Seller | how to earn millions of by selling

How to Become a Flipkart Seller and how to earn millions by selling your goods:- In today’s time, everyone is becoming more attracted to online shopping. Everyone calls their goods online. But not all products can be available to Flipkart or Amazon itself.

So company like Flipkart and Amazon has given a Seller’s Option. Through which anyone can sell their goods on Flipkart. So that those who buy online can get all the goods on the same platform. That will also benefit Flipkart and your product will be very easy to sell.

If you also have a product of your own and you want to sell it Online, you are in the right place. Because in today’s article, how did we become Flipkart Seller and sell our goods? Is going to take detailed information about it.

At Flipkart Seller Programme’s Bar
Many people feel that whatever stuff appears on Flipkart makes Flipkart itself, but it is not at all. Flipkart gives a chance to many small big entrepreneurs in the country to sell whatever goods they see on Flipkart, to sell their goods online through Flipkart Seller Programme.

This leads to the reach of all entrepreneurs to more customers. With this Flipkart also takes some commission on the sale of goods. This is called Flipkart Seller Programme.

In today’s time, a lot of people have become part of Flipkart Seller Programme and are making money by selling their own goods Online. If you also make something that Flipkart sells. So you can also earn money through Flipkart by becoming part of Flipkart Seller Programme.


What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is considered to be india’s largest E-Comarce site. Flipkart was launched in 2007 and flipkart has become India’s largest Online Shoping site in these 13 years. Because flipkart has more than 100 categories of goods. If you talk about turnover, Flipkart’s turnover today is more than 200 billion.

What is Flipkart Selling?

If you explain in simple language about Flipkart Selling, whatever products, goods and services we deliver or sell to customers through a website, this process is called Flipkart Selling or Online Selling.

What is Needed to Become a Flipkart Seller ?

If you sell a product by creating Flipkart Seller Account, you also have to give Flipkart some benefits of profit from it. And these commissions depend on the product’s cell. You also have to pay the shipping charge of the product.

Shipping Charge of the product depends on the weight of the product. You have to pay shipping charge by states level or local level. If you are from India, you should have a GST number. In addition, you can also sell the product of another company. But from that company you have to take an Authorisation latter.

Then you will be asked for some details in the Page Open to register in Flipkart Seller. You have to fill in the entire details sought. Such as GST number, your phone number, pan card, your name i.e. what name you want to sell your product and what product you have. Etc. Informations you have to give there.

When you submit all this, 24 hours after submitting, you get a call from Flipkart’s Team and you will get a representative. That will help you to give you full knowledge of flipkart seller formation.

Advantages of becoming Flipkart Seller.

  1. Low investment
    You can start your business in Flipkart Selling low investment. And Flipkart Selling can also start with 1 product. Then you gradually increase the product according to your own so that the cell can be more.

No large shop required
You don’t need a big or expensive shop or office for Flipkart Selling. You can start it from your home. By moving forward, you can shift it anywhere according to your requirement.

Your Boss Will Be Your Own
You will own your own in Flipkart Selling or Online Selling. Your store will run at your own behest and you will be able to do whatever you want. Just take care of the policy of whichever site you are selling your goods.

Your store will be available to customers for 24 hours
If you have an Offline shop, you will open it in time and close it on time. But it does not happen online at all, it is available 24 hours. Even at 3 o’clock in the night, anyone can come and buy your goods.

Your product will not be able to sell locally all over the world
If you have an Offline shop, people around you or your city will come to buy goods. But in Online, the whole world will be able to buy your goods. You can also have a customer from anywhere in the world.

What will happen if your product is damaged or lost
If you ship the product and it gets damaged or lost on the way, it is not a matter of panic. Because in Seller Protection you get a claim. You just have to give the information to your market palace and check and put your product’s money into your account.

How to Registration for Flipkart Seller?

Step 1) First you have to go to your mobile or laptop browser and search for and open it.

Step 2) Then you will have a new Page Open. In the new Page you need to enter your Email Id and Mobile Number and then you have to suck the Start Selling option.

Step 3) As you choose Option, you will again open a new Page in which you have to give some details. You have to carefully fill in all the information requested in this page.

Step 4) Now you have to enter your name, then enter the Email Id. Then you have to enter a new Password, which will help you login to The Caller Account.

Step 5) Then your mobile will have AK OTP. You have to put otp and verify. After the verifi, click on the button below the consortium.

Step 6) As soon as you click you will open a new page in which you have to enter the PIN code of your locality and submit the address.

So this way your Flipkart Sellar Account will be created and a Verification link will appear on your Email. You have to verify your account by clicking on that link. Your Flipkart Seller Account will be fully registered as soon as you verify.

How to list goods on Flipkart?

Step 1) First you have to visit Flipkart Sellar’s website. Login to the Account that you have registered any account.

Step 2) You will have a Dashboard Open in front of you as soon as you login. In which you have to fill the rest of your details.

Step 3) In Details you will also have to upload its Scan Copy with GST and TAN number. There will also be an option to fill up bank details, store details, business details, etc. You have to fill all these details.

Step 4) After filling all these details, you have to go to the add listing menu on Dashbord and add the product you want to sell. And whatever product you add there will show up on Flipkart’s website.

Step 5) Now your product is ready to be sold on Flipkart. This way you can earn money by selling goods from Flipkart.

So this way you can become Flipkart Seller and earn lakhs of rupees from here.

Hope you like how to make our today’s post Flipkart Seller and sell your goods and earn a lot. If you think this information is important and wants to tell your friends or relatives about it, you must also share this article with your friends.

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