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Do you know (what is web browser ) and how it works? It is used to get any information from the Internet. You must also use it. You may know Web browser with different names such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge, internet explorer, safari, UC browser, Opera, etc.

You may know a little bit about the Internet browser. Because it is used by almost every single person. I have the same view for you to be fully aware of the browser. Very few people know how the web browser works? What are the function of the browser? What is definition of a web browser? In today’s article, we will answer all these questions. So let’s know what happens to the “Complete web browser information”,

What is a web browser

Web browser is a software application. Which is installed on our computer or mobile. Using a web browser, we can access and access any website, image, text, video, etc. on the web.

The browser allows us to open and close all kinds of files, images, text, etc., which exist on the world wide web. It works like a door. We can use it to reach the world of the internet.

Definition of web browser
Web browser is a software application used by the user to connect to the internet world. User uses the browser to get any kind of information from the web as per their requirement, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.

So guys now what is you web browser? have been aware of. Now we’re going to tell you how it works. So let’s start.

How does Web browser work?

Using web browser, we can access the world wide web very easily. The user has to enter the URL of the website (Uniform Resource Location) in the browser’s Search bar. The website from which it has to take information and all the information in a second starts to show up on its screen. It all seems very easy in the Sunnah but this work is quite complicated.

Any web browser works with the rules of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). When any user enters the URL in the search bar, the command is sent to the web server. This way, web server and web browser are interconnected and the user starts to show up on the desktop of whatever information they need.

Now I understand you in a little simple language.

Whatever URL we enter in any browser. He has two parts. The first is a Hypertext transfer protocol (computer language). The second one contains a domain name (website address).

1st – When the user searches by entering any URL in the search bar, the command goes directly to the DNS server. Dns server contains records of all website server.

2nd – DNS server shows the server of the domain name where the entire data store on that website is available. Which is in html format .)

3rd – Web browser takes that information and scans it and shows it on the user’s screen by defining the HTML code to make the user understandable.

History of Web Browser
The history of web browser is not too old. The first browser was created by Mr. Tim Beners Lee in 1989. Named “worldwideweb”. It was renamed Nexus after a while. W3C was launched by the company on 1991.

This was followed by a huge change in the technology of the web browser. Large enough companies launched their browsers.

1.Google Chrome
Chrome browser was released by Google in 2008. What we know today is chrome. Chrome has captured almost the entire market very quickly. Google chrome is the most commonly used Web browser in today’s time. 60% of internet users use chrome today.

Google chrome is a very fast browser.
It supports 50 languages.
You get the security option in Google Chrome.
It can be used in Window, Linux, Mac OS.
Chrome’s mobile version is great. Which is most commonly used.
In Chrome you get the option of bookmarking and synchronization.

2.Internet explorer
Internet explorer was released by Microsoft. At that time it came in build with window 95. That’s why it became too famous. At that time, the internet used most internet explorer. This was the first browser that left Nexus far behind.

3.Mozilla Firefox browser
Mozilla Firefox was released by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation in 2002. It quickly captured the market on the strength of its fetchers as soon as it came into the market. Internet explorer was left behind very soon. 60% of internet users used Mozilla Firefox. Because this browser was quite fast from internet explorer. This was the first browser that opened Gmail very fast.

Mozilla Firefox is mostly used only on desktops if it comes to today’s time.
That too only 5% of people use it.

4.Opera mini browser
Opera mini browser was released by opera software in 1995. Which we still use in our mobile. It is not used much if it comes to today’s time. But this browser is great for internet surfing on mobile.

5.Safari Browser
Safari browser was released by apple company in 2004. At that time, this browser could only be used by people using the apple company’s product. But it was later updated and also made available for people using the window.

Types of web browser in today’s list of web browsers used

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • UC Browser
  • Lynx
  • List of Web Browsers in India
  • Epic
  • Bolt
  • CM Browser

What did you teach today?
What is Web browser to you today (what is web browser) and how does it work? explained in detail. I hope you know about the browser from the information I have provided. Yet we tell you in short what is the browser?

The browser is a software application. Which is used to obtain information from the world wide web. You cannot take any information from the Internet without it, nor can you connect to the Internet. Information on the Internet is present in HTML (Hypertext Markup language). Which is a computer language. Which not everyone can understand. The browser gives us these files by making us understandable so that we can easily understand it.


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