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Top 10 Best Hand Sanitizer In India 2021

Hand sanitizers have become a very important thing in our life today, the demand for many products decreased during covid, but the demand for some products like hand sanitizers, masks increased at a very fast pace. There are many sanitizers available in the market, whose princesses are different because of the different brands, so basically in this blog, we will know about the best hand sanitizer or which sanitizer can be best for you in India.

Top 10 Best Hand Sanitizer In India

So presenting India’s top 10 best hand sanitizer which is easily available to you in online or offline mode in India. In this blog, you can decide which one can be better for you.

S.NO. Best Hand Sanitizer In IndiaBuy Now
1 lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
2 Dabur Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
3Mediker Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
4 Sevlon’s Disinfectant Spray Buy Now
5 Arish’s Bio Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
6 Himalaya’s Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
7 Dettol Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
8 KHADI Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
9 IFB’s Essentials Hand Sanitizer Buy Now
10 Mirah Belle’s Hand Sanitizer Buy Now

lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

The first-hand sanitizer is lifebuoy which comes with a packing of 500 ml, this sanitizer contains Alcohol 95%, Tocopheryl Acetate Ip 0.05% and other ingredients, it is available to you in two types of bottle, one pump bottle and the other Talking about the normal bottle, its pricing is available for around Rs.250.

Dabur Hand Sanitizer

if you want to get sanitizer, Dabur sanitizer can also be a good option, then you get to see 450 ml packing in it, as well as talk about its ingredients, it contains 70 to 80 percent alcohol, and talk about its pricing. So it is available to you online for just Rs 157 rupees, its price offline can be a bit high. So if you are looking for a cheap beautiful hand sanitizer then Dabur hand sanitizer can be the best option for you.

Mediker Hand Sanitizer

Next’s Mediker hand sanitizer, Mediker though deals in a wide variety of products but right now hand sanitizers of this brand are also coming, it is available in 500 ml packing. Talking about its pricing, it becomes available to you for just Rs 170, so it can also be a good option for you at a low price.

Sevlon’s Disinfectant Spray

Our fourth selection is Sevlon’s disinfectant spray which comes with a packing of 150 ml. For 159 rupees, this spray can be used to spray normally on things like mobile, keyboard, etc. because if you will keep it as normal use So it will expire soon, and if seen, its price range is a bit high in comparison to Liquid Scientists.

Arish’s Bio Hand Sanitizer

The next sanitizer is Arish’s bio sanitizer which is made from natural ingredients, you get to see its price very low, you can get it in just 40 rupees and there is no shipping cost for it. Talking about the quantity, it is available in 100 ml. The smell of this sanitizer comes in the packing, you may find it bad, but if you are looking for a sanitizer at a low price, then you can definitely go with it.

Himalaya’s Hand Sanitizer

Next is Himalaya’s hand sanitizer which comes with very good quality, it saves you from skin irritation or dryness and it is also quite safe for regular use. With the packaging of 500 ml, it is available to you for just Rs.195 which you can easily buy online. Also, talking about its fragrance, it is a very good lemon-fresh smell, you can also find it in different spray flavors.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

As we know that Dettol is a very reliable company which has been in existence for years and its products are available in almost every household so hand sanitizer is also definitely of very good quality which is priced at just Rs.177 which is easily accessible. It is also available to you on Amazon, which comes with a packing of 500ml.

KHADI Hand Sanitizer

Our 8th sanitizer is KHADI NATURAL ALOE VERA & LEMON HAND SANITIZER which comes with great fragrance. You can easily carry it in your pocket too. This hand sanitizer helps in killing up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria and provides you with effective protection.

IFB’s Essentials Hand Sanitizer

Next up is IFB’s Essentials Hand Sanitizer which is available in 500 ml packing for just Rs 214, with up to 70% alcohol content added along with natural ingredients like aloe vera and neem, tulsi You will find that it helps to protect your skin, so you can also try this sanitizer, maybe you will like its fragrance.

Mirah Belle’s Hand Sanitizer

You come to our last hand sanitizer which is Mirah Belle’s Hand Rub Sanitizer Spray (120 ML – Pack of 2) and it comes with some special bounces like BUY 3, GET 6 MASKS FREE And it is good for the skin of all children, old people. And its price is only 120 rupees.


You can buy any of these sensors because all are of the best quality, there is a difference in pricing and there can be the difference in quality also but you can definitely buy any of these but you have to take care of this. That you should try to buy online because You may have to pay a little more on offline.

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