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Must watch Chinese inroads into Myanmar: Bipin Rawat | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Defense chief General Bipin Rawat said on Saturday that India needs to closely monitor developments in Myanmar, where China is moving forward after international sanctions were imposed on the country following a military coup in February.
Speaking at a webinar on “Opportunities and Challenges in Northeast India” organized by Indian Military Review, General Rawat said: “The China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will gain more momentum with the sanctions on Myanmar. “. Here.
The country’s highest-ranking military official said that a “return to normalcy” in Myanmar would be good for the region, especially India, due to “our historical and cultural ties” with the country.
The northeast region of India, which is connected to the rest of the country by the Siliguri Corridor or “Chicken Neck”, is of “extreme geostrategic importance”, particularly in the context of China “viewing the region mischievously”. . .
The presence of Rohingya refugees is another “emerging area of ​​concern” for the region. “It can be used by radical Islamist groups to create unrest in the region and undermine peace and security,” he said.
In addition to China, there are other security concerns for India, such as drug trafficking due to insurgent activity, illegal migration, and “porous” borders in the northeast region.
Noting that the internal security challenges in the Northeast have “serious international dimensions,” General Rawat said: “It is important to consider these security challenges with alert and vigilant central and state security forces, augmented by regional military and diplomatic cooperation. international”. Will “. Violence has decreased significantly in recent years due to “sustained counterterrorism operations” in the northeast region and the “loss of safe havens” for extremist organizations in neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar. It is necessary to ensure that these positive developments are further consolidated through the peace talks. “

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