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Manipur frees activist after SC gives it 6 hours to comply – Technewsbkt

New Delhi: In another order to protect freedom, the Supreme Court gave the Manipur state government six hours on Monday to release activist Leichombam Erendro (Leichombam Erendro) Professor Tikendra Singh from succumbing to Covid.
Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah granted Erendro bail because he had provided a personal bail of 1,000 rupees without any guarantor, and ordered the state government under the BJP to ensure his release before 5 pm. At the request of Attorney General Tushar Mehta, appearing in Manipur, the bench postponed the hearing of the petition of Erendro’s father L Raghumani’s Singh until Tuesday. However, it said that detainees cannot be detained for another day, even if the petition will be heard on Tuesday.

On May 13, the 40-year-old Elendro was arrested for posting a post on Facebook about the death of S Tikendra Singh, the chairman of the National People’s Party, of the new crown pneumonia. He once said in a post: “The cure for corona is not cow dung and cow urine. The cure is science and common sense. Professor Ji.” He laughed at certain party workers and emphasized the medicinal value of cow dung and urine.

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The SFC ordered the release of this militant for good reasons. The activist was arrested for such a harmless tweet, which is obviously the arbitrary behavior of the police. But unless those who engage in such acts under the guise of law enforcement bear the consequences, such incidents will continue to occur. This improper and shameful arrest also highlights that in addition to the sedition law, other bills also need to be reviewed.

“At the same time, after preliminary consideration of the content of the petition, we believe that the continued detention of the petitioner will constitute a violation of the right to life and personal freedom stipulated in Article 21 of the Constitution. We therefore instruct the petitioner to comply with the provisional provisions of this court. Instructions for immediate release, unless he needs to be detained under any other circumstances, subject to further orders, but must submit a personal release bond of Rs. 1,000,” the judge said after hearing the petitioner’s lawyer Shadan Farasat.

In order to ensure compliance with his order to release Erendro without wasting time, the judge instructed the Registrar (Judicial) of the SC to communicate his order to the Sajiwa Central Prison Authority in Imphal. In addition, it requested the state’s permanent lawyer Pukhrambam Ramesh Kumar to also communicate the SC’s interim bail order to the prison authorities.

After the National People’s Party Vice President Usham Deben Singh filed a complaint, Elendro was arrested, alleging that the post “deliberately and deliberately insulted and angered the religion of the BJP workers and the families of the deceased. Feelings and emotions”.

Four days later, the Impal Court approved Elendro’s bail, but before he was released from prison, the District Judge of Impal West issued an order to follow the specious logic of the National Security Agency against Elendro “His Activities harm national security and maintain public order”. The SC initially found that Erendro’s continued detention had compromised the right to life and freedom, and that the detention should not be continued for another day.

In his petition, Elendro’s father stated that the authorities had misused the strict Preventive Detention Act (NSA) provisions only to suppress his son’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and the right to express opinions on public issues. He said that Elendro’s Facebook post was “a criticism of the unscientific stance and misinformation taken by some BJP politicians, who believe that cow urine and cow dung can effectively prevent/treat Covid-19”.

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