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Kerala easing Covid curbs for Eid a sorry state of affairs – Technewsbkt

NEW DELHI:The Supreme Court passed an injunction against the Pinarayi Vijayan government in Kerala on Tuesday because they succumbed to pressure from traders to relax the Covid blockade regulations for Eid al-Fitr shopping, even though the Covid positive rate in “God’s own country” is very high. High, with more than 120,000 active cases.
Justices RF Nariman and BR Gavai used terms such as “worrying state of affairs” and “sorry state of affairs” to describe the CPM-led coalition’s decision to relax the lockdown, even in areas with a 15% positive rate, and severely condemned the country.” Expose the citizen’s right to life against the new coronavirus”.
However, it did not cancel the Kerala government’s notice, which allowed the relaxation of the Covid lockdown rules for Eid al-Fitr shopping for three days. It only issued a warning that if Covid cases surge in the future due to the opening of Eid al-Fitr shops, the relevant authorities will Was taken to perform the task. This is in stark contrast to the hardline stance against allowing Kanwar yatra, which was originally scheduled to start in Uttar Pradesh on July 25.
The same substitute leaves the Yogi Adityanath government with no choice on Kanwar Yatra-either the state prevents it or the SC directs it. This ultimatum forced UP to persuade the Kanwar organization to voluntarily postpone Yatras. At the time of the hearing, UP reported less than 100 cases per day, and the total number of cases was 1,100. The daily volume of cases in Kerala is approximately 12,000.
The Kerala government provided a reason for the relaxation of notifications when a large number of Covid cases were reported in the state. He said: “On July 21, the Muslim holy holiday Bakri-Eid will be celebrated. Traders expect Bakri-Eid sales to a certain extent. Alleviated their pain. They had already stockpiled goods for this purpose. Traders’ organizations began to oppose strict restrictions…
Announcing that they would ignore the regulations to open stores across the state. Opposition parties also raised the issue of traders in the public domain. It also requested further relaxation of restrictions to give traders some respite and allow the state to carry out some economic activities.”
The judge’s bench agreed with the petitioner PKD Nambiar’s lawyer, Vikas Singh, who described the notice as shocking. Singh said that religious celebrations cannot be a reason to relax in the main country where new coronary pneumonia cases occur every day. “If one person does this for Bakri-Eid, others will do it for Holi and Diwali,” he said.
The judge said: “… The affidavit read together with this notice disclosed that the state government has indicated to the Traders Association, which represents the government, that they have stocked goods for Eid al-Fitr very early. The state also happily recorded the opening of the store. The Covid agreement will be strictly followed, and they are ready to comply with other regulations ordered by the state (if any).”
“It’s very worrying that in category D with the highest infection rate (that is, 15%), a full day of relaxation has been allowed. This was yesterday (July 19). Then it was stated that as much as possible, visit stores and People in other places may belong to those who have received at least one dose of the vaccine/Covid recovery category and follow the strict Covid protocol…and CM’s call,” said Bench.
“The above facts reveal a shocking state of affairs. The submission to pressure groups and exposing Indian citizens to a national pandemic shows that the state of affairs is regrettable. Even so, such things as’as much as possible’ and trader guarantees do not have any Other content will not inspire any confidence in the Indian people or this court,” it said.
Judges Nariman and Gavai said:
“We can only state that this affidavit discloses the regrettable state of affairs described above and does not in any practical way protect all citizens of India in accordance with Article 21 of the Constitution. It can also be pointed out that, It is completely unnecessary to relax for a day in category D areas (with a positive rate of more than 15%). In this case, we instruct Kerala to pay attention to Article 21, read Article 144 of the Constitution, and comply with our case in Uttar Pradesh (Kanwar). Yatra).
After the Kerala government announced the relaxation related to Eid al-Fitr, the bench made a general comment that no government should succumb to any group, religious or other pressure. “In addition, pressure groups of various religions or other aspects cannot interfere in any way with this most precious basic right of all citizens of India. We may also point out that if any Covid-19 disease occurs due to the notification on July 17 If dissemination is unfavorable, any public can notify this court of this, and then this court will take necessary actions to oppose those who have responsibilities.”

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