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Delta’s dominant, also causing most post-vaccine infections – Technewsbkt

NEW DELHI:The Indian SARS-CoV2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) stated that genome sequencing of recent samples from across the country showed that although there is strong evidence that vaccination provides a high level of protection, Delta said.
A recent study by the Indian Medical Research Council showed that the Delta variant-highly infectious and more toxic than other variants-contributed to most vaccine breakthrough clinical cases (infection after vaccination), but Few cases require hospitalization. ICMR) is displayed. Only 9.8% of cases require hospitalization, and the mortality rate is as low as 0.4%.
INSACOG emphasized the importance of vaccination and the need to continue to adopt appropriate Covid behaviors (such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and hand hygiene). He said: “The ongoing outbreaks across India are attributed to Delta, susceptible people and Opportunities for transmission. Public health measures to reduce transmission and vaccination remain crucial.”
Even outside of India, Delta Air Lines is still the fastest growing lineage in the world, and it is the cause of multiple outbreaks, including in Southeast Asia, where new cases are growing the fastest globally. However, areas with high vaccination rates and strong public health measures, such as Singapore, continue to perform well.
The consortium stated that even if it sees more and more mutations in the UK, the US and India, other “variants of concern” (VOC) in India are still very low and are decreasing relative to the global Delta.
“Although these mutations will be tracked and investigated, there is currently no evidence that any new Delta subfamilies are more worrying than Delta,” INSACOG said in its latest announcement.
It added that it will continue to specifically look for clusters of cases containing new mutations of known clinical significance. Several areas in Kerala and Maharashtra have seen a surge in cases, while many areas in Rajasthan and the northeastern states have also been highly positive.
On Tuesday, 42,015 new cases were recorded nationwide. The Delta variant (B1617.2) was first discovered in India and is now sweeping the world, accounting for 87% of the samples sequenced in India in May and June.
According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this variant accounts for 83% of the US Covid-19 sequenced samples.
The latest national serological survey conducted by ICMR shows that about one-third of the total population is still susceptible to infection.
Health officials also pointed out that especially some states and regions with high positive rates may also lead to further spread, leading to a third wave of epidemics.

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