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Best Green Tea For Weight Loss In India (2021) |

If you are looking for Best Green Tea For Weight Loss then you are in the right place. In today’s time, it is very happy to know that India is becoming very conscious in the matter of health, everyone is focusing more on their health along with their work, which is also very important because for good health. Without it, life becomes very difficult. Even after having a good lifestyle, if your health is not good, then you are not able to enjoy your life well somewhere.

Consumption of healthy things in the body is very important for a healthy body, green tea is one of them as you know that green tea has many benefits like help in weight loss, helpful in glowing skin, stress Help to remove, etc. Just one cup of green tea daily gives you many properties along with many antioxidants.

So if you want to buy green tea and you have confused that which green tea you should buy then do not panic because in this blog we have the top 5 green teas of recommendation which you can buy according to your choice and budget.

List of Best Green Tea For Weight Loss In India – 2021

S.No.Best Green Tea For Weight LossRating ScoreBuy now
1 Lipton Green Tea 9Buy Now
2 Tetley Green Tea 9 Buy Now
3 Organic India Green Tea 9 Buy Now
4 Twinings Green Tea 9 Buy Now
5 Typhoo Green Tea 8 Buy Now

Lipton Green Tea

Flavonoids are great for weight loss and for heart health, and liptin green tea contains 150 g of flavonoids, which, when consumed on a daily basis, can help you lose weight, as well as contain Decaffeinated Green. Contains ingredients like Tea, Chamomile Flowers, Lemon Grass, Licorice root, Roasted Chicory root, etc. which help for good health.

  • Price: ₹495.00
  • Size: 100 Tea Bags

Lipton green tea benefits:-

  • Good for heart health.
  • Contains Lemon Grass Contain Which Can Help Kill Bacteria.
  • Roasted Chicory Root is Beneficial for Weight Loss.
  • Beneficial in diabetes and lowering blood sugar.

Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green Tea has a very good amount of caffeine which helps in boasting to the brain as well as it has many other benefits like various aspects of brain function, including mood, vigilance etc. This green tea is available to you in four flavours, is Ginger, Mint & Lemon, Classic, Lemon & Honey, Mango. So if you want green tea for specific weight loss then you go with lemon and honey flavour.

  • Price: ₹413.00
  • Size: 100 Tea Bags

Tetley green tea benefits:-

  • Helps to detox.
  • Good for hydration.
  • Vitamin C helps in defense of various functions of immune system.
  • Boost fat metabolism.

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Our third green tea is Organic India Tulsi Green Tea, which comes with the goodness of Tulsi, Tulsi is very beneficial for the throat and skin, as well as helps a lot in weight loss, as well as in strengthening the immune system. There are benefits. Talking about its packing, it comes with attractive tin package. Weight reduction teas are the specialty of ORGANIC INDIA, so this green tea can also be very beneficial for weight loss.

  • Price: ₹230.00
  • Unit: 100 gram

Organic india tulsi green tea benefits:-

  • Improves Liver Enzyme Levels.
  • Helps to Boost Immunity Naturally.
  • Promote Healthy Skin.
  • Tulsi & Green Tea Vital for weight management.

Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea comes with the sunshiny flavor of lemon, it does not give you any calories, as well as helps in your body’s hydration. This tea is available in many flavors like Sweet Honey & Tangy Lemon, Cool & Refreshing Mint Flavour, Deliciously Sweet & Tangy Lemon. So you can go with these flavors according to you but if you choose Deliciously Sweet & Tangy Lemon then it is much better for weight loss.

  • Price: ₹230.00
  • Unit: 100 Teabags

Twinings green tea benefits:-

  • Can aid digestion.
  • Good source of hydration.
  • Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers.

Typhoo Green Tea

The last and final green tea is Typhoo Pure Natural Green Tea which is rich in catechins that double up as a refreshing beverage and a calorie-free hydrating agent making every cup a magical experience. In this, you get four flavors available – Natural, Moroccan Mint, Lemongrass, Tulsi. So if you want to maintain weight, lose weight or get a daily dose of antioxidants, this would be recommended.

  • Price: ₹399.00
  • Unit: 100 Teabags

Typhoo green tea benefits :-

  • Helps in maintaining metabolism.
  • Green tea is a very good source of antioxidant which helps in maintaining immunity.
  • Can help with diabetes.
  • Increases fat burning.


You also have to keep in mind that you do not have to exceed its consumption limit, maximum you have to do it only once a day because excessive consumption can harm you. You can consume this in normal evening or morning. Talking about these green teas, you can buy any of them because the ingredients are almost the same, the price may differ.

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