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4k Projector Price In India | Top 5 Best 4k Projectors In India 2021

Before buying 4k Projector Price In India you have to keep some things in mind as we know Everyone likes to watch movies in the theater because when you enjoy any movie on a big screen, then the fun of watching a movie increases ten times, but what if you have a big screen for the movie at home, then You don’t need a big TV for this.

If you want to enjoy the big screen then a projector is the best option for you because You can enjoy the big screen as much as you want and it is very flexible, so that you can place it anywhere, that too very easily. On the other hand, you can also enjoy gaming and other things in it.

So there are many types of projectors available in the market but in this blog we are going to discuss 4k projectors, if seen, 4k projectors give you much better quality as compared to led, DLP projectors. With which you can have a theater-like experience at your home. Here you will get to see the top 5 best 4k projector price in india which you can buy according to your budget and choice.

List Of Best 4k Projector Price In India

S.NO. Best 4k Projector Price In India Buy Now
1 XGIMI Halo Buy Now
2 BenQ TK850 Buy Now
3 LG HU85LA CineBeam Buy Now
4 Anker Nebula Solar Portable Buy Now
5 Optoma CinemaX P2 Buy Now


First comes XGIMI Halo’s Mini Portable Projector with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, along with auto-focus, 17100mAh large capacity battery, and 3D support. Halo is powered by the official Android TV 9.0 ( upgradeable ). With Android TV, you can access everything you like the way you want, when it comes to the resolution of the product, it supports 4K, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p. Its power source is from the battery.

So definitely if you are looking for a 4k projector then you can go with it but here you get a battery power source which you have to decide according to your need.

BenQ TK850

The next projector is the BenQ TK850 which is considered the best projector for the living room, as well as in this projector you get the pro resolutions of Movies, Gaming & Sports, if we talk about its brightness lumens, then you get 3000 Lumens which is suitable for both home and The office. Talking about the power source, this projector runs completely on electricity, for this, you do not need batteries.

In this, you also get to see Sport modes with CinemaMaster Audio + 2 which makes your experience even better. In this you do not get to see the connectivity of Bluetooth, you have to connect manually.

LG HU85LA CineBeam

LG HU85LA is basically Smart Home Theater Cinebeam Projector that you can use at your home because it has brightness 2700 Lumen which is suitable for home use, talking about the screen resolution, then here you get to see 4k, for connectivity You get HDMI, 3.5mm here. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you do not get any warranty at all on this product.

Anker Nebula Solar Portable

If you are looking for a portable projector then Anker Nebula Solar Portable is for you. It comes in the size of a can of projector which you can easily carry anywhere. Talking about the maximum image size, you can do it up to 100 inches which is enough to enjoy movies and gaming. In this you also get Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, as well as you also get 360° speaker in it so that you can enjoy better quality sound.

So if you go out more and you are looking for a projector that you can easily carry anywhere, then you can go with it.

Optoma CinemaX P2

Our last and final projector is Optoma Cinemax P2 Smart 4K UHD in which you get to see 3000 brightness Lumen which is suitable for office and home purpose and you do not need batteries to use it, its power consumption is from electricity. Again, talking about its resolution, you get 4K, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p in it. Talking about its display technology, there is a DLP 4K UHD chip which is considered to be quite the best.

So this is the most expensive projector ever, if your budget is good enough and you want to have a quality projector then you can go with it, but if you don’t have the budget then you can check out other alternatives

How To Buy Best 4k Projector Price In India

If you buy any product, then for that you have to take care of some important factors, similarly, if you want to buy a projector, then for that also you have to follow some important factors:-


The first factor that comes is the brightness if you are buying a projector for your home so make sure that the brightness luminosity of your projector should be in the range of 1500 to 2000 lumens. But if you are taking it for office or educational purposes then the brightness should be in the range of 3000 to 3500 lumens.


If you want to enjoy high-quality videos then make sure that the resolution of your projector should also be good. If you want to enjoy 4k ultra HD movies and videos, then the resolution of projectors should also be 4k ultra HD.

Throw distance and screen size

Basically, the distance between the projector and the screen is called the throw distance, so if you are taking it for the projector office or for the classroom, then you get enough distance so that you can adjust the projector according to your own. You can set it at the right place, but if you are taking it for your home, then you have to keep in mind that you should calculate the space for it in your mind so that it can be set at the right place.

Talking about the screen size, then normally if you are taking it for your home then you should take it up to 100 inches and if you are taking it for office then you should take 130 inches.


You will find many such projectors in the market with which you get inbuilt speakers but you can not get good sound quality in them then it is recommended that you use an external audio source only which is 5.1 audio setup or more Maybe, with which you can get a good audio experience.


This is one of the very important factors, before taking a projector, you must check all the connectivity options in it like VGA, USB, SD CARD and HDMI, etc.

Projector lamp life

The lamp life of the projector is also a very important factor that we have to keep in mind before buying a projector. So you always have to take the projector whose lamp life is short because you will not have to change it again and again, so you have to try to get a projector with a lamp life of between 2,000 – 4,000 hours.

Zoom range and lens swift

With the help of Zoom range and lens swift, you can adjust the throw distance of your projector as well as adjust the size of the display of your projector.

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