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‘Drishyam 2’ Movie Review: Jethu Joseph and Mohanlal once again team up to rejuvenate Georgekutty’s life in a sequel, with memorable twists and turns
Maintaining a reputation and meeting expectations can be either a burden or an inspiration. Drishham’s sequel is one of the best thrillers in Malayalam cinema and in its protagonist Georgekutty, a person whose brain is always one step ahead of the police.

Cable TV operator Georgatutty (Mohanlal) outsourced the police investigating the murder of Varun Prabhakar, his daughter’s classmate who accidentally killed her during her attempted sexual exploitation.

Georgie is now a theatre owner who dreams of making a film based on a story. His eldest daughter Anju (Ansiba) is still recovering from the trauma of traumatic events, while the younger daughter Anu (Esther) is now a little rebellious teenager. The whole family, his wife Rani (Meena), is living daily life with an eye behind his back, as the beggars are always caught fearing the police.

Meanwhile, Georgikutty’s new-rich richness has determined vagging among the local population. Compared to the shaky support that he received six years ago, many now believe he has actually committed a crime. The police are also looking for clues to resolve the case. Like the first film, director Jethu Joseph slows things down in the first half, which was boring even in the Dridium. Much more conservative, the ultra-dramatic background is the talk and drama of the conservative family with music.

Some life is injected into the script of the flag by turning an intelligent gap, which many people do not see coming. But a script that worships the hero’s intellect can be a liability. Even when we remind Georgekutty of his day-to-day, there is an unstoppable aura around him, which tells us that he has foreshadowed and arranged for any event. Now, this is a problem that any film will have to face.

Jethu manages to break that aura later with the slow pace of Georgatotti’s plans. He had the difficult task of producing a follow-up from the same original story, which was discussed on thread-bare after the release of the film on every possibility. However, some new elements are brought in, which basically blend with the original thread.

The spectacular twist and intensity of the last one hour of the turn contributed greatly to the success of the first part. There was something organic about how it finally tied together. But in this sequel, even when things remain unpredictable for the most part, it’s achieved using a little difference with some conveniently created characters and fewer flaws. Having said that, it’s not easy to pull out a script like this, which is as good from a case as close.

Drishyam 2 may not serve as a stand-alone film – as many sequels do – since it relies entirely on a debut with a constant context. But despite its negativity, it’s still a decent companion piece for its much-anticipated predecessor.

Drishyam 2 Movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime

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