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Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India | MLM Company In India

If you want to know about the Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India then you are at the right place. Network marketing is basically a business model where products are promoted while creating a network. Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing or direct selling. With the help of this business model, the lives of many people have changed.

So almost many people know about this business model, but if you do not know, there is a company in network marketing that promotes its products through mouth publicity.

Now let us understand this business model in easy language, so basically there is a company that reaches its products from the manufacturing industry to the direct consumer, it means to say that it does not give its products to any wholesaler or retailer and this company does not give its products. They do not even get advertised, they market their products through a network of people.

A lot of expenses are saved in product advertising of direct selling companies, due to which they give more than half of their profit as a commission to their consumers or members.

Before joining network marketing, it is very important for you to know which company is legit or right because there are many network marketing companies that went by fraud. So in this blog, we will learn about some important factors as well as about the Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India that you can join.

Factors For Network Marketing

There are many network marketing companies in India, from which it can be a bit difficult to guess which company you should go with or which company is legit and right, so it is very important for you to know some important factors on the basis of which you able to choose the right company:-

Company`s reputation

First of all, it is very important for you to know about the reputation of the company, whichever company you want to join, that company should be at least 6 to 7 years old, because it is a little difficult to trust new companies, because of which you Will is not able to explore well.

Product research

The most basic point of network marketing is that product, if the company’s product will not be good, then you will not be able to promote its products for a long time and it may be that the company will not last long, so its products will not be sold. Testing is very important.

Experience and income

In whichever company you are thinking of joining, there will already be many people in that company who have achieved a lot, so you must know from them how much time they have been working for the company and how much their current income that can give you inspiration.

Plan comparision

Before joining the company, you must compare the plan, because the plans of every company are different. So you need to know which company’s plan is suitable for you, only then you will be able to work long term.

List Of Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India

S.NO.Company Name
2Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
3Smart Value Limited
6Asclepius Wellness Private Limited
7WinNature International Pvt. Ltd.
8Forever Living Products
10Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd


vestige is one of the number 1 leading companies of India, its director Mr. Gautam Bali, this company was established in 2004 and at present, it is believed that this company is at number 30 in the ranking of global direct selling companies and is on number 1 position in India. The company has many different sub-brands that deal in multiple categories of products, in which more than 300 products are available like cosmetics, health care, personal care, etc.

Talking about the high-paying members of this company, they are Suresh Srivastava, Kaushik Goswami, Jeetendra Nayak, Sonu Sharma, etc whose income is in lakhs and even crores and like them, there are many vestige members whose monthly income is in lakhs. So definitely you can with this company if you want.

Official site:- www.myvestige.com

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle is an Indian company that does comprehensive deals in products related to lifestyle. This company was established by MOHAMED OMAR ARSHAK JAWAHAR in 2013. All the products of this company are considered to be of the best quality which is also provided by the Ministry of AYUSH. is approved. The company has a total of 326 stores across India and its head office is in Chennai.

The name of mi lifestyle also comes in India’s Top 10 Direct Selling Company In India. Talking about last year’s turnover, it is Over INR 500 cr, so this company can also be a good option for network marketing.

Official site:- www.milifestylemarketing.com

Smart Value Limited

Now let’s talk about Smart Value Limited Private Company, then this company was established on 20 December 2006 by Boddu Prasad Reddy, the company deals in products in various categories like Education, Health & Wellness, Personal Care, Homecare, etc. Talking about global ranking, smart value is ranking on limited 13th number and the annual turnover of the company is between 100 to 500 crores.

Official site:- smartvalue.biz


The fourth number comes to Amway whose founders are Mr. Jay Van Andel and Mr. Rich Davos who established this company in 1959 in Michigan, this company has a sub-brand in the name of Amway India whose products are also manufactured in India. The company deals in products of many categories like Nutrition, Wellness, etc. Talking about its last year’s financial turnover, it was Rs 1,800 crore. Talking about the global ranking, this company is in the 1st position, which is a big deal.

Official site:- www.amway.in


You must have heard the name of this company, Which has been going on for many years, this company is dealing since 1977, its founder and CEO is Sanjeev Kothari if it’s in India Talking about the ranking, it is at number three, some time ago this company was growing very fast in India, but due to poor products, the turnover of the company was going down, in view of these things, the company’s products were increasing. Improved and now this company is running in a good position.

Official site:- www.rcmbusiness.com

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited is a non-government company owned by Sanjeev Kumar who established this company on 07 Oct 2014, This company is ranked 10th in India, Financial annual turnover of the company is Rs 50 lakhs, It deals in products of wellness and health category.

Official site:- asclepiuswellness.com

WinNature International Pvt. Ltd.

WinNature International Pvt. Ltd. was started on 12 August 2015 by Sanjay Sadanand Ganvir, The head office of this company is in Nagpur (Maharashtra), this company deals in various categories of products like personal care, home care, agriculture, etc. So this company can also be a good option if you want to join network marketing.

Official site:- www.winnature.net

Forever Living Products

Forever Living is an American company that is growing rapidly in India. This company was established in 1978, Tempe, Arizona, United States, and its founder is Rex Maughan, it is believed that forever living is the biggest profit earner. Among the companies, the products of this company are of very good quality, there can be only one disadvantage of joining this company, what I have noticed is that the price of the products is very high.

Official site:- foreverliving.com


Herbalife is an American company that has been running for a long time, it was established in February 1980, Los Angeles, California, United States by Mark R. Hughes, now you will be surprised to know that the brand ambassador of Herbalife is India’s famous cricketer. There is Virat Kohli, who also personally uses its products. Herbalife deals in many categories of products but their primary category is health products which include Energy Drinks, WEIGHT LOSS products, etc.

Official site:- www.herbalife.co.in

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd

Keva Kaipo Industries was established in 2009 with the founder and CEO Karan Goel, the company deals in products in various categories like cosmetics, health, personal care, agricultural products, etc. There are more than 400 products around in the company, as well as this company also provides discounts and offers like other direct selling companies in the products.

Official site:- www.kevaind.org


In the end, it is suggested to you that by looking at the people around you, you have to get an idea of what type of products they need more and you also have to see that in what price range they would like to take the product. It is recommended that you go with vestige because their products are very good as well as their price is also very reasonable which does not have much problem in circulating.

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