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Home Business survey: potato, High onion, tomato prices pinch household budgets

70% of households paid 25-100% more for essential vegetables
Retail prices of essential vegetables, especially tomatoes, potatoes, and onions, have skyrocketed across India in the past two months, troubling the domestic budget when earnings have been affected due to the epidemic.

According to a survey conducted by LocalCircles, 71% of citizens said they were paying more than 50 per kilogram for tomatoes, ato 40 per kilogram for potatoes, and 50 per kilogram for onions.

In comparison, according to a similar survey conducted by the same unit and published on September 11, 2020, 61% of households said they were paying more than 60 per kilo for tomatoes, 30 per kg for potatoes, and 25 kg per kg for onions per kg.

Thus the average retail price increased by 30% in the majority of households paid per kilogram for potatoes and 100% in onions, while the price of tomatoes fell by 15% in just one month.

“Personal data on these three vegetables shows that 42% of citizens bought potatoes at higher 60 or higher, and potatoes at 60 or higher, and onions at ₹70 or higher,” the findings said.

“While 29% of citizens said they had a kilo of tomatoes 59 50-59, potatoes ₹ 40-59, And onions bought at ₹50-69”, while 11% said they bought tomatoes -30-49, potatoes at ₹ 20-39, and onions at 49 30-49, only 6% of citizens said they bought tomatoes at pot 20 or less, or potatoes at 19 or less, and onions at ₹ 29 or less. , the survey found.

The survey received more than 16,000 responses from citizens of 242 districts of India. Of which 58% were from Tier 1, 23% from Tier 2, and 17% of respondents were from Tier 3, 4, and rural districts.

In October, in Mumbai, a record of high prices of these essential vegetables was seen with onions sold at 130kg, potato tom60 kg, and tomato at ₹ 60 kg.

The prices of these perishable vegetables are disrupted in the retail market in different states, which disrupt the supply.

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