Thursday, March 4, 2021
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A major relief news from the Modi government is coming for the common man. Now, according to the news that is being received from government sources, there will be no new tax. In fact, the budget was already being discussed that the budget could impose a covid cess on the common man. Quoting sources, the government has said that no new tax will be levied on the common man. However, there was no such announcement in the budget, but people were still thinking that the Kovid cess could be announced later.

Why was the decision not to impose covidy cess?

PM Modi had emphasised in the budget 2021 that kovid cess or tax should not be levied on the common man. So that people spend money fast and have a currency in the economy. If the products of all the companies are sold, the government will get GST, and when the companies are benefited, the companies will also be taxed, which would be the income of the government, in fact, PM Modi and the government believe that the installation of covid cess would reduce the money in the hands of the people and reduce the expenditure. At the present time, more demand needs to be created, to get the economy on track.

Why did The Covid Cess look like a few?

It will require a lot of money. The government is putting the Kovid vaccine to the people to save the people from corona. All the states are also demanding subsidy for this. The government’s expenditure will increase rapidly, which was estimated to be a government that can impose covidy cess or tax to increase its income and deal with these expenses.

Don’t want to scare the government, and people are already scared!

In such a situation, the Modi government does not want people to be disturbed. Everything stopped because of the lockdown in the Corona period. The Modi government’s decision not to levy any new tax is also because people are already scared and disturbed. Many people lost their jobs when they cut their salary. The government does not want the burden of another cess to be on them and hesitate to spend. Already people are afraid to withdraw money from their pockets. They are also afraid that there is no job crisis, so people are spending money in a steady way.

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